View Full Version : New podcast up. Sam Hills Frame Designer Jason Chamberlain from Specialized

13-05-09, 10:23 PM
Check it out here and let me know what you think:


16-05-09, 07:49 PM
Just realized there were no replies downloaded it automatically as I podcast it and enjoyed both interviews.

25-05-09, 10:20 AM
Finally listened to all of this on the weekend... well done scratchy. :D

Highlights were the kangaroo story and the discussion around the evolution of FSR.

27-10-14, 08:52 AM
I don't listen to podcasts, so I don't have anything to add...

Uncle Grumpy
27-10-14, 10:08 AM
I'm just baffled as to the point of the post.

There's no link to any spam. Not sure if it's some phishing thing or email harvesting. I've seen a few lately where the post is a quote of a previous post, and nothing more. I delete those because I have that power, and what good is power if you don't exercise it?

I'd delete this one except... nah, I'll delete it anyway.