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27-11-09, 07:58 PM
This is, in hindsight, a pretty lame story. I was pretty pissed off at the time it happened though and I'm glad I showed composure and restraint for once in my life. I am getting too old, but my tolerance and temper are only getting worse.

Here is an email I sent to whoever runs sydney buses a week or so ago because I am fed up with the way people drive in sydney. I know it might sound petty to get stuck into a bus driver for doing something like this, but next time he might think twice and be more patient (which is ultimately what I am after from motorists in general).

Details : *removed to keep drivers identity unknown*
Whilst traveling south along Anzac Parade this afternoon (approaching the Moore Park Rd intersection) I was occupying 1m of a lane which I am legally entitled to fully occupy, when the driver of the above-mentioned bus beeped his horn at me. I turned around to see what his problem was, and he gestured to me as if I was breaking some kind of law. Not only was I abiding by the law, but to make matters worse, we were approximately 50m from cars stopped a red light. I was of the opinion that horns were for use in emergency situations only. I also realise bus drivers are under a lot of stress to make stops on time, but surely they also have the intelligence to realise that a red light means stop, and 10 seconds out of his life might mean the continuation of mine.
Noting the terrible press that cyclists have received of late, I take every care I can to ensure that I am courteous and lawful to other motorists and this really, really both annoyed and disappointed me.

It took them a few days, but here was there response:

Dear Rhys,

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. I would like to apologise for any inconvenience that you may have experienced.

State Transit's main purpose is to provide a safe and reliable transport service to its customers. A serious view is taken when other road users are put at risk due to unacceptable driving behaviour, as State Transit provides all staff with extensive training so that duties can be performed at a high standard.

In this instance the Bus Operator has been identified and will be interviewed regarding his actions by his Supervisor.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to contact us and we hope future experiences with State Transit will be more positive.

The lesson here I guess is to not blow up and get abusive straight away but to try and act maturely. Not really a win because I wasn't trying to get anyone in trouble, but I'm happy that I pursued the correct avenues and it worked out best.

Thanks for listening.

27-11-09, 08:02 PM
well you sure as hell win over the guy who got on and hit the elderly bus driver.
good work!

Tokyo Drifter
27-11-09, 08:56 PM
Good stuff for dealing with it properly. I have a perfect aim with a hurled water bottle (cippolinni-style) so tend to avoid calmness and reason where possible.

>:(>:(>:(Top 10 driver peeves:>:(>:(>:(

1) Leaving 10cm between car and bike when overtaking.
2) Overtaking when there is a red light ahead.
3) Overtaking (ususally example [1] applies here) the slamming on the brakes, then putting on the indicator to turn (usually not putting indicator on until actually in the turn.
4) Stopping at lights with left wheels all the way in the gutter = no passing.
5) Unnecessary horn usage. No I am not going to ride in the gutter. No I am not going to ride faster. Yes, I am allowed to ride on the road. It is not my fault that the road is narrow.
6) Driving reallyreallyfast while overtaking (usually [1] and often [3] apply here.
7) Maliciousness. I put my hand up and say that I have kicked two headlights and deliberately smashed one rear view mirror in 9 years of commuting 250+ days a year. In one case it was a case of 5 P-platers in daddy's BMW. They had it coming. In another it was a truckie, who probably had it coming less but was within 5-10cm of killing me.
8) Motorcyclists who pass really close. Hello! if you were in the middle of the lane there would be atleast 1.5m of air between us.
9) Dickheads who don't look when they are opening their doors. Being doored hurts. It has happened to me twice. It happened to my mate (3m in front of me) at about 45km/h and he ended up in hospital for 3 weeks.
10) Passing when there is technically enough room but when there are cars parked on the left. This year I broke off a $7000 Lamborghini window avoiding a car to the right. Thank god I have good insurance.

You should give drivers credit as possible. They are generally not very intelligent. In addition to this, I reckon the following apply:

The nice truckie: Who knows what it is like to be a bad fit on the roads and who is patient. He is getting paid by the hour.
The crazy truckie: passes too close, going too fast, honks, etx. Concrete trucks (somewhat understandably) and garbage trucks are notably bad. As are semis without trailers.
Bus drivers: Pretty bad, but consistantly so. Not as bad as a bad truckie, they have people watching.
Cabbies: Avoid at all costs. They'll kill you given half a chance. Apparantly taxis do not have proper accelerators, only on/off buttons, nor do they have indicators. I had a once had a prand with a female, indian taxie driver. She nearly killed me, then the irony nearly killed me.
Drivers: Generally pretty good. P-platers blow goats. Old people are shit too, but normally are a problem from in front of you, as they go sloooowww. Noisy exhaust means the driver thinks he is Michael Schumacher, and is actually just a retard, get left as soon as you hear one.
High end car: Beemer, Audis, Jags and Mercs are the ones to avoid. These people cannot drive for shit. Impatient as hell and probably checking their email on their blackberries
The Van: Almost as bad as cabbies. Probably doing their make-up or wondering if their arse looks fat (it does) and therefore distracted. Height of vehicle adds to their pre-existing elevated sense of self.
The Motorcycle: Generally really good, except for racer bois who offend on point (8) and scooter riders, who should all neutered so as to not infect the rest of the gene pool.

In Japan the fault in accidents is levied on the weight of vehicles involved. If you are a truck that weighs 8 tonnes and hit a car that weight 2 tonnes, the insurance is split 80/20. I think that this makes drivers slightly better than Australia, but for some reason the truckies are worse, and has also resulted in a lot of fucktard motorcycle and scooter riders. meh.

27-11-09, 10:39 PM
well done!

27-11-09, 11:16 PM
Good email, mate. Struck a nice balance between courteous and angry. Well done.

28-11-09, 03:53 AM
I had a guy abuse me an hour ago on my way home. I stopped at a red light in the bicycle lane and he seemed to think I was blocking the road. The bicycle lane on this intersection is betweeen the straight lane and the right turn lane, it is clearly marked on the road. My usual response ' get f*cked you f*cking moron'. 4am I have no patience for asshats.

28-11-09, 10:08 AM
I'm going to put my hand up to say Truck drivers are probably the drivers who you want to pass you.
I've only had one bad expirence with a truck passing! Every other time they give a wide girth when passing, often driving in the middle of a two lane road, of going really slow passing you. I dare say it is because they realise how effining scary those big ass trucks are!