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02-12-08, 11:28 AM
I need new pedals for my bike because the ones that I have on now are crap.What are soe pedals that are good for like under $50 and where can i get hem from?

02-12-08, 11:32 AM
Cannot go wrong with the dmr v8's currently on T7 for just under $50


02-12-08, 11:34 AM
Thanks jing.But i want to buy pedals froma shop in sydney.

Justin Fox
02-12-08, 12:01 PM
Those DMR V8's will cost you $85+ in local stores.

Try: http://tbsm.com.au they are close to you. Alternatively go to your local/closest bike store Alex and see what they have in stock.

02-12-08, 12:06 PM
Thanks guys.I htink ill get the Dabomb Napalm Black for $49.

omad hd
02-12-08, 09:24 PM
Get sunlines V1 there the best. never lose a foot with them.

03-12-08, 06:36 AM
How much are they?

Justin Fox
03-12-08, 07:03 AM
Alex check the TBSM link I posted earlier. They are listed as $162. WAY over your $50 budget.

03-12-08, 07:58 AM
I love my Shimano DXs which i think are $90ish on T7....

03-12-08, 09:27 AM
I’ve got Shimano DX’s on 3 bikes, definitely my favourite flat pedal at the moment. Hopefully I’ll be getting a nice set of Kona Wah Wah’s soon too…

Gusset Slim Jim’s and Wellgo B25’s are highly rated and pretty cheap. To be honest I’d try to find any pedal that has better sealed bearings and runs smoother than DMR V8’s, I’ve got them and there’s nothing particularly bad about them but I really don’t like things that don’t run smoothly. I spend my entire ride looking at the moving parts of the bike wondering just what the hell is going on…one reason why I get so ticked off when Shimano chains don’t work 100% smoothly with Sram cassettes.

04-12-08, 01:49 AM
the dabomb pedals are shit
ive got a set and gave them away

Justin Fox
04-12-08, 08:04 AM
the dabomb pedals are shit
ive got a set and gave them away

Maybe let everyone know WHY they are shit instead of just paying them out. Would help people doing a search for pedals in future. ;)

04-12-08, 10:23 PM
they are shit cos the pins are too shallow and if u ride in wet conditions there is absolutely no grip
straitlines or funn soljams are my choice of pedals

08-02-09, 04:09 PM
Well ill prob get da bomb pedals cause I dont have a huge amount of money like you guys. HAHA

09-02-09, 04:43 PM
Pedals are over-rated, you want to scoot.

09-02-09, 05:26 PM
MshBkes (Mosh Bikes), pedals are awsome. $30-40, and I rate them highly. Pair of fallens or vans shoes and you get ridiculas grip. Hardy as fuck as well.
Stores that I know (seen by my eyes) that sell then is Bike shop of c-hill and Blackmans parramatta, But I'm sure ALOT of other stores have them.

Haven't been able to wreck a pair myself, haven't even lost a pin (which are replaceable) in my couples of years riding them!