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Thread: Softening gloves

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    Default Softening gloves

    Hey everybody!
    Hey Dr. Nick!

    I recently just soaked my gloves (as in put them in a bucket of OMO and napisan for a night) to get all the dirt out of them (the water was pitch black when I got them out) and soften them up. But they're still hard and stiff.

    My question is, would it be fine for me to use fabric softener on TLD XC gloves (Leather/ and some other fabric)?

    I'm not really concerned as I'm not wearing them for grip, more for protection. I prefer riding gloveless!


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    I did similar with my gloves and they came out pretty stiff. After one ride they were fine again :P
    Probably need another wash though! - my gloves are specialized gel thingies...

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    if you're not doing so already, try and dry them in the shade too. if you dry them in the sun they tend to go rock hard.

    i wouldn't go with fabric softener on that sort of thing.. it doesn't exactly rinse out properly and will make your hands feel a bit weird once you start to sweat.

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    Yeah happens to me aswell, But once they get worn in a bit they start to soften up again...
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