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Thread: My Honda Zoomer!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justin Fox View Post

    I spotted this strange Zoomer like bike. The seating position with the pegs forward actually wouldn't be too unlike my Zoomer.
    That's a Daelim B-Bone my work imports them

    Quote Originally Posted by Illest View Post
    Yeah call them the other day..they told me the bad news.. Know of anyone selling them secondhand I'm soo keen on getting one!
    Just get one of these daelims they are a honda copy so most the parts will be interchangeable

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    After months of searching I finally found a zoomer!! Now I cam start buying parts..looks like you will be hearing from me alot Justin! Haha ..awesome zoomer you have!!

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    Been riding the zoomer and I noticed that when I go over 40kph the speed warning light flashes you have the same problem Justin iv tried searching... But no luck

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    Nice!!! Can't wait To mod it!! I'm tryin to sus out parts now get it all in 1 shot!! I'll try keep you posted..

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    Hey Justin so you know if the zoomer has been rejetted?? Cause you have the airfilter and exhaust ??

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    mate, i started searching then gave up.. looks like you've had success. congratulations! here it is.. do you know of any more for grabs or any possible way for me to get my hands on one?
    cheers for the help

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    I was searching for months on end then I thought I might check eBay one night and found the next day I drove down to Syd from Brisbane and the rest is history...I just got lucky... But I herd someone Melbourne selling for around 4k...

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