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Thread: Yep you guessed it another Trance

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    Sounds good. Some motorvation for me to get back out

    8am starts suit me if thats what you mean by morning
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    Yeah 8am isn't early, unfortunately I can't do Sunday this weekend, mothers day at mums.

    However I will be riding Mt York this Saturday so maybe next Saturday next weekend?

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    Quick update on the trance, Loving this bike with a few adjustments & part changes.

    Front tire changed from Conti Race king 2.2 to a Conti X King 2.4.
    Front end has a lot more grip in the corners although rolling resistance has been increased due to bigger knobs and wider tread.

    Rear Derailleur changed from a long (was running 3x9) to a medium cage.
    Much sharper shifting a little more clearance.

    Changed cassette from a 12-36 (Deore 449g) to a XT 11-34 (XT 303g).

    Seat post changed from a Thomson 0 offset to a Thomson 16mm offset and I feel a little more stretched out and have a much better pedal stroke. Also the old seat post was about 20-30mm too short so I always felt like I wasn't putting all my power down and felt a lot of bob.

    Still playing around with stem and bar width but I think it has a lot to do with what trails you ride. I'm thinking and 80mm with some wider bars 680mm & 100mm & 620 for longer rides with more climbing? (Although I now I'll never chage it over lol)

    Lastly I saw a lot of DIY lock out kits for the rear shocks. So I made one of these and it works great!
    Cost me about $10. I only run 1x9 so the cable routing for front derailleur was free so it looks like it?s meant to be there. I used the poploc of an old fork, some standard gear cable, outer cable, 2xsprings from Bunning, and a brass cable stopper (from super cheap) and presto I have on-the-fly pro-pedal switch, awesome! especially great for those long climbs.

    Oh and I bought another Gobi as I wanted one for my 29er SS build (the Selle XC looks good but I find it uncomfortable) the one I bought has red stitching so I put it on the trance to keep up with the red theme.

    Will post pics soonish
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    Sounds similar to what I did to my trance (setback, med cage, conti's) haha, but a few things have been upgraded since! Bike looks good btw

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    Yeah, Similar setup but no high roller on the front. Just got my thomson with setback as well

    IMG_1685.jpg IMG_1679.jpg IMG_1682.jpg IMG_1684.jpg IMG_1677.jpg

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    Oh and Mr Thomson just turned up all layed back and shit

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    can i tempt you in a red Ti rear skewer for $10 ? :P where's the fuel cap on the bicycle??

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    I'm right for now thanks anyway

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