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Thread: Interview suggestions

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    Default Interview suggestions

    Hi all,

    I thought it would be great to interview pro riders, people in the cycling industry as well as BMU members.

    I've set up a new section and I'm still working on a question format/template.

    Please feel free to use this thread to offer more suggestions on who to interview, and what questions to ask too.

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    I'd like to know more about taibo, as he is very interesting. He's pro to me!
    Good idea i'll have to come up with some ideas.

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    Lawday's designer?

    hhhaa, anyone would be good!
    . . . . .

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    OK guys Sam Hill interview is up. I waited a long time for him to reply!!! He also replied in all caps! I thought I'd leave it as is.

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    Just replied. Well done on the interview, maybe a bit more lengthy next time?
    . . . . .

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    Agreed. A bit too short for sure.

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    yeah but don't be too harsh. you did get an interview with sam hill don't forget.

    i wouldn't mind speaking to lucy. sydney vintage bikes.
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    i like to pedal & talk to myself

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    Nice suggestion Matt. I'm sure Lucy would have something to say on the current trend of chic vintage ladies bicycles, she's pretty much responsible for the movement! I'd love to know more about her process too.

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    - The dude who painted your road bike mr fox
    - Photographer on the world tour
    - Bike shop owners

    thats about it for now lol

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    I think it should be split into two sections
    -Members of the Forum
    -External Members (Sam Hill, Lucy etc..)

    Great idea aswell!
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