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Thread: The Spam Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uncle Grumpy View Post
    If it's a Repco Bushranger then you got gouged.

    Come on, details!

    Bit of an impulse buy. Nothing exotic... though for some reason I thought an English brand was a bit fancy. This frame:

    Supposedly suits a 120mm fork but I'm putting a 100mm Reba on it. It's going to be a bit of a Frankenbike but hope for an interesting ride. I've never ridden a hardtail before... just rigid until 2001 and on a dually since, though went through the rigid SS phase a few years back.

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    I consider Whyte to be a bit exotic, and cool as well given Jon Whyte's background in Formula 1.

    And it's a steel hardtail, what's not to love!

    Self confessed De Rosa fanboy.

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